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Even today I remember the first novel read by me around 12 years ago. It was the famous , ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ by ‘Mark Twain’ . Actually, I feel really lucky, because it was a farewell gift when I moved from Gujrat to Mangalore. If not for that book, I would have  been still confined to Comics (not that they are not interesting). Soon I became a member of a local library where I found many books written by “Enid Blyton”. “The Famous Five” Series were a good set of books for that age of my life [I was just 10 back then]. Reading more books made me realize that I was learning a lot from these novels. I got to learn about different cultures, traditions, the human mind and many more fascinating stuff.

As time went by, reading novels has become one of my routines. Authors like J.K.Rowling, James Hadley Chase, Dan Brown, Chetan Bhagath, Aravind Adiga and many more have been widely accepted for their notable works and so I follow. What really appeals to me, is their imagination and creative mind which created such master pieces.
Novels can be a great source of knowledge. Having read many novels, I can note down some of the benefits you can reap by ‘Getting Started’. It can improve your memory in the first place. Everyone wants good memory, right? Novels can help you a great deal in this matter. As the novels don’t have any visual medium, reading them will make you visualize and enhance your imagination. Now, I am hoping you have already thought to give it a try. If not, I have some more benefits to be added to the list.
  • Reduces Stress
  • Improves Reasoning Skills
  • Works good as a Conversation Starter
  • Improves Discipline
  • Improves Vocabulary
  • Decreases Boredom
  • and a lot more.
I hope the benefits speak for themselves. Reaping so many benefits will give you a different personality for sure. Also, your intellect is bound impress people around you (if you are a person who enjoys the limelight).
So, for the final words, I would like to type – If you are reading, carry on. If not, WHEN ARE YOU GETTING STARTED!!!
PS: For the readers out there, I will be posting my views on various books in the future. I hope we have a great discussion going then. Non-readers, get started and Join in.

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