Martial Arts at an outset

cat stanceWe all have seen movies based on Martial Arts and have been fascinated with all the moves done by the actors. What we really don’t understand is the real concept of performing such move. We[including me] watch the movies and appreciate. A little more effort is required to understand the real purpose.

Learning Martial Arts is not just about practicing and performing impressive moves. The real intention of the art you are practicing is to understand the moves so that you can perform it when you need to save your life! When you learn the Art, it is important that you ask your instructor to explain the concept so that you learn it the right way.

For example: The Crescent Kick is primarily used for blocking an arm or leg of your opponent. But in the recent times, students assume it is used like any other kick i.e, to attack.

Thus, for any Martial Artist, it is important to learn the basic concept so that you can really expand your knowledge. Martial Arts should be learnt not  for the sake of learning, but to really understand the real purpose of doing any move. So, the next time you go to your Dojo, ask your Sensei to help you understand the concept and not just for the purpose of Sport.


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4 responses to “Martial Arts at an outset

  • AtulBhatS

    One of the Prime Concept that misleads the people is the concept of Focusing the Chi and Shouting it out. Seeing the movies people just shout the most famous “Haiyaaa!!!!” . I myself did it until i was told by my Sensei 🙂
    Second concept people do not get the tradition of martial arts. People want to learn karate or other arts to fight. Not to know the art. Karate is now SOLD as a way to learn self defense and things like that.

  • Karthik S Vailaya

    Yes. You are right in this context. Chi is something which people find it difficult to understand. Hence, Instructors tend to avoid the concept. Will soon come up with a post regarding Chi. As the Art has been converted to sport and recent turmoils in the society has lead the downfall the importance of traditional part of it. It is up to the Instructors to revive the traditional aspect so as to improve the Knowledge of their students.

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