Yoga : For a better existence in this world

Yoga, is undoubtedly gaining fame all over the world as a system for health. Though it is Highly Linked to the Hindu religion, especially where Most of the Supreme Gods are portrayed as doing Yogic Meditation. Yoga does not need religion to practice, and hence any human, and even animals (If they get the concept) are eligible to do yoga. I believe that it is to be utilized for everyone’s benefit.

Yoga is not just a discipline of health, but a mental and spiritual discipline as well. As Yoga includes Meditation and Pranayama which helps us to improve our Mental Health and reduce stress effectively. The World is “Chaotic “, which  has given us nothing besides tension which in turn reduces our patience and calmness. Thus Yoga can be implemented to reduce these bad effects. As for spiritual, the word Yoga originates from the word “Yuja”, which means unite to the Supreme Being. I am not bringing God into the topic. What I am trying to tell here is,  by practicing Yoga, you unite to the Power of your Mind. There are many sham practitioners of Yoga who tell they become God. I find that hilarious!

So, now let us begin to understand the benefits of learning and practicing Yoga. The first, obviously being, improved health. Health can be considered the most valuable treasure in this polluted world. As the world hasn’t ended,  for those for those not into Yoga, I would recommend starting it at the earliest. The basics are pretty simple and you will notice your health improving within a short span of time.

It even enhances your posture. Do you slouch?? Learn Yoga and I assure you, you will start sitting straight or at least your Instructor will force you to.

So, now let us come to the important point. How can you learn Yoga?? First and the foremost thing, NEVER LEARN FROM A BOOK!!! You need a teacher who can guide you. As rightly pointed out in a discussion by Atul Bhat, “Even if the great mind of Kaluza was able to learn how to swim by just reading about it from the book, everyone is not Kaluza!!”. After you have advanced to a higher level of learning and know your basics, you can try the videos and sometimes, a book just as a reference and nothing more than that. But, be sure to find a dependable source for the videos or books. If done wrong, Yoga will be of no use and in some rare cases, dangerous. Please note. DO NOT select a Yoga Video or Book by seeing the images of the Instructors on the Cover. In most cases, the Instructor, or the Presenters say that Yoga will get you a body like theirs but the Truth is, they are the people who are Genetically and hence naturally Shaped that way with a little effort to maintain it. Do Yoga for Better Health rather than Better Shape.

Now, I hope you have already planned to learn, because Yoga has cured Asthma, Heart Diseases, Schizophrenia when practiced for a long time. So, have a nice time learning about Yoga. Stay safe and Healthy.


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