Qi: You use it too..

Chinese ScriptQi; considered as the most important for a human being by the Chinese Martial Arts and Ancient Chinese Medicine can neither be seen, nor measured like Heart rate or Blood Pressure, but, can be felt when practiced the right way.Even Yoga speaks about this concept, but calls it as ‘Prana'(Sanskrit:Life Force). Now you may be wondering(unless you are a practitioner) where this Qi resides in our body. It is said that it resides a little below the Navel.

Qi translates to life force or life energy. Qi literally translates to air or breath. Thus it is clear that it is controlled by breathing. Practice of Qi is based on three essentials:

  1. Regulated Breathing
  2. Coordinating your body
  3. Regulated Mind

Advanced Practitioners are able to direct the flow of Qi to various body parts by the virtue of the three essentials mentioned right above. Example being Iron shirt, where a practitioner can direct the Qi to his torso to strengthen it beyond explanation.

Now, to the important question obviously raised by you will be, “Where am I in the Picture?”. Here you are! Have you noticed any Tennis Player grunt when he hits the ball? Well, he is actually using his Qi unknowingly. The ‘grunt’ here can be compared with the shouts ‘Kiai’ or ‘Hiyaaa’ which most of the Martial artist performs. The shout is a sharp outburst of air by exhaling with the sound. It helps to utilize the Qi in your body.

Ever tried lifting a heavy object?? Try the next time with a grunt and a sharp outburst of air. You will find it easier to lift it. You can compare results to be amazed. This is how my Chief Instructor(Black Belt 8th Dan) explained the concept of Qi in a Senior’s Seminar.

So, now you know how even you have utilized your Qi unknowingly. There have been reports of an Old Lady lifting a car by a few inches to save her son trapped under it. Under normal conditions, it would have been impossible for her. But, when the mind focused to saving her son, she did it. Amazing right!!!

Shaolin QI GongP.S: For more info on Qi, you can check on Youtube! But, do not try to practice unless you had formal training. You will not attain anything.
You can check this video. The fire part is not confirmed by Qi, but the healing part from inner body is what is actual Qi.


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7 responses to “Qi: You use it too..

  • AtulBhatS

    Good post there. And its definitely amusing that we all chi when we do not know the concept.

    I do not know if this is connected or not, but I recently saw a piece of “Stan Lee’s SuperHumans” where a man kept him immersed in a pool holding breath for 20 Mins. That time the medic with them explained that Near the Stomach there is a Gland or an Organ that Keeps Oxygen for Emergency, and it is supplied only when the body needs it. No when you think you need it, but when you actually need it. And basically the way we know body works is by the adrenaline pumping to make you face the stress. So in a way this could actually be related to Chi in normal terms. After all it cannot be paranormal. It has to be explained some how.

    But the best part is how the person in the video gave shocks to others, and how he could control it to deliver it when he wanted and how he wanted. That to me was really amazing. This is some amazing Force.

    I Can only hope, We Greedy Humans do not harness it and make that deadly too some day in the future. If that was to happen, the Dragon Ball Z without the Alien part is not very far.

    • Karthik S Vailaya

      Yes. I have seen the documentary. Oxygen is the Key to Qi. But Adrenaline is a hormone and very different from Qi. When a person trains rigorously, he can control the Qi and hence you could see the results in that video where the Healer could generate shocks at will. About Greediness, we can not do much as, the greed is not in our hands.. Uncontrollable as it is, when the greed comes over conscience, nothing much can be done, other than advising them. There are researchers who are trying to go into depth of understanding Qi and how it is generated. But still no results have been published.

  • AtulBhatS

    Also, When people are Scared, or Hurt they shout. I would normally take it as a run and need for adrenaline. Is Chi Involved there too? Something like focusing on your mind to come out of panic? providing enough energy for the body to function properly soon?

    • Karthik S Vailaya

      I am not sure that it is Qi in this context because the focus is of a different type. When the body feels pain, the Brain sends signal to react and hence the shout here can’t be the utilization of Qi. Even if there is a shout, the breathing of the person who is injured will be irregular caused by panic.The Main foundation of Qi is regulated breathing which seems to be absent in the situation put forth by you.

      • AtulBhatS

        Well, the only thing that got me into thinking that was because you told me that Oxygen is Key to Qi (That sounds Cool). When we panic, we take in More Oxygen for the following processes to work.
        But when you tell about the relaxed or regulated breathing, i think it might not be Qi in action. Hope we can verify this some day. And Soon

      • Karthik S Vailaya

        Yes. Research is in progress!!

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