The Famous Five Series

famous five on a treasure islandAfter reading my first post in the Novel Section, I hope you have really started the habit of reading. As I have already told about the benefits, let us see some of the books that can be a good read for beginners.

So, from here on, there will be a post dedicated to one book or a series of books and a tip as well. Let us now start with a book that really got me into a reading habit as a kid. It was the Famous Five series written by the famous British novelist Enid Blyton. This is a series which belongs to the adventure genre. But, here the children are the ones who get into the adventures. The series has around 21 novels, all of which are equally good if you are a young reader.

The characters in every book are exquisitely portrayed by the author. I won’t be a spoiler by telling you about  either the characters or the stories here. You should really read it. The adventures involved is no child’s play and these kids show a lot of courage and they work well as a team. The kids here are more like young sleuths who solve mysteries with the help of their keen senses, wit and a dog! You read it right. A pet dog is always present to save the day. And the book also depicts that good always wins over the evil. So, this book can teach morals as well.

But beware! You may find these books very kiddish. I read it when I was between the age of 10 to 13. But, if you really like it continue reading. And one more thing. This series is great if you have children and you want them to cultivate the habit of reading at an early age.

Tip: As many have said, “Never judge a book, by its cover”. The book may be interesting, and you won’t know unless you read it!

P.S: If you find a book interesting and want a review on it before you read it, please do tell me. If I have read it, I will tell you about it. If I haven’t, then I will surely read it and review it within a week.


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