Novels or Movies?

judge a book by it's movieIt has become a trend to create a movie out of a best selling novel. Many movies based on the novels have done well and viewers have appreciated most of them. Why wouldn’t they? The story obviously will be spectacular in most of the cases and people like to know that the story has been adapted from a famous novel. So, what do you choose? Watch the movie or read the novel or both? 

A novel would need a lot of time. Probably will need more patience from you as well. But, what really great about reading these novels is improving your imagination. Novels don’t give you a visual aide. But, when you read the story and imagine with the unimaginable power of your mind, your imagination just takes itself to the next level every time! Novels contain a lot of minute details that make it worth reading it.

On the other hand, movies provide you with a visual treat but, they do deprive you of the imagination skill you could develop. The movies even omit many minute details and the story has to be shortened to fit it in the time frame. Well, that is a shame! We miss out on many of the interesting things mentioned in the novel. Many would agree on this argument. You can just ask anyone who has read Harry Potter series and watched the movies as well. They will tell you many differences in the story!

So, if you want both imaginative skills to improve and visual treat to please your eyes, watch the movie first and then read the novel. Many would raise their eyebrows at this suggestion! I assure you. I have tried it the other way around. It is very depressing when the movie has hacked off a lot of details. So, it is best to watch the movie and then read the novel.

Happy watching and reading!

P.S: Stay away from the vampires! This is not my suggestion. People on the Internet said and I follow it (If you know what I mean)!


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