Money: Measure of Success?

MoneyIn the Modern World, Competition is what we live for, one man trying to be more successful than the other! And with all this, Money has become the ruler of everything. Money Rules! Having more money ultimately means being more successful. The definition of success has been altered by the concept of money. I am sure you would agree!

Money was created by Man to make trade feasible. But, the ‘Modern Man’ sadly has changed the entire concept of money. His ultimate goal in life is  to earn as much money as possible. I would like to quote what The Dalai Lama XIV’s great mind taught us,

The Dalai Lama, when asked what surprised him most about humanity, he said:

Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money.
Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.
And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present;
the result being that he does not live in the present or the future;
he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”

I don’t need to say any further after this.. What we really have to think about is what is the actual definition of success.

This would be a great topic if discussed. Will get to learn a lot of different perspectives.


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6 responses to “Money: Measure of Success?

  • AtulBhatS

    Dear Karthik,
    I do not agree with this. Had you said anything about Fame and Success, I would really agree. but money is not everything.
    Its is obvious that a man who wants fame dreams about making money, but if you check some of the ultimate successful people then I do not think it is money that brings you success, its how you Handle the money and make a name for yourself.
    Starting with the Dalai Lama. From what he quoted, it might be true that man never lives the life he should, but instead always dreams of an alternate life that he wants to make come true for future, and then in the future spends time facing the consequences of the past. But the Dalai Lama himself was not a successful person. He does have fame, but he was exiled out of his own land. He then got money from the CIA and other rumours and statements that make no point here.
    One of the Prime things that determines if you are successful or not is that, the layman praises you and the intelligent and the prominent ones criticize or hate you. Steve jobs for example. We all know how Apple is criticized by many and how famous Steve was. Steve never made money got himself and it is also said that he took only $1 for himself from what the company made. But his innovations and presentation brought him fame and that made him successful. In spite of all the Criticism Apple is one of the Classiest Product company and it does have a good style statement.
    You idolize Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee was also a successful person but no one ever recorded how much money did he make. It was all about what skills he had. How he presented himself and the art he believed in and made a name for himself. That would be enough to prove that money is not something that determines success.
    And I would like to discuss the one person whom I personally consider Successful. Its Jack the Ripper. No one knows who he is. But the name is known to many. What did he do? Murder. And what brought him fame, he killed many people, yet left no sufficient evidence to find him. He never got caught. Same goes with the Zodiac Killer. These are men who were also successful in doing what they did. And in this case, its not even what they did for a living.
    And if you think religiously, Jesus was a success, Mohammed was a success, Krishna was also a success. People even after millenniums follow these people *Without Actually knowing the Truth if what we believe they said were actually true or not*. No one knows it. Not even the Pope, not even the Grand Mufti of the Earth if there was one. They just believe in the name and the teachings. That could also be defined as success. Can you imagine what if Jesus was really the son of God, but failed to gain the attention of a single man, and has just passed away in time? You never know how many such people have come and gone that way. And I am not talking about the people claiming to be so. They are fools.
    And speaking in terms of Science, Galileo, Einstein, were also not rich, nor wealthy in any way. All they did was made a name for themselves and are even remembered today. In fact, Einstein is the one person I believe who is more famous than any person in any field. You may know the Greatest Martial Artist of all times, but you may not know the greatest dancer of all times, but every one knows Einstein. At least the name or the face. His face is used in many cartoons when the topic is science. Name also is known to all. Any nerd is called Einstein.
    So My Conclusion : Money does not matter. Its the Name that brings Success. And its the Deed that makes the Name stand tall. Money follows only after.
    Lemme know if i have got any facts wrong. 🙂

    • Karthik S Vailaya

      Dear Atul. I agree with whatever you have stated in your prolonged comment. What I really meant to say was many people have made it that way. You are stating many famous people who knew money wasn’t a measure of success. I am speaking about those who have been learnt to live that way. I have read many text books on Management which states “Cut-throat Competition” and that money is the ultimate power. There are many who still live with motive to earn money, hook or crook. It was good to know about the murderer you mentioned. Do you as a philosophical thinker, really consider being a murderer as successful. Anyways, thanks for the comment. 🙂

      • AtulBhatS

        Well, I think either you or those people you mentioned doing whatever that cut throat thing is, are wrong here. You have written this post asking or telling this statement I cannot say. But the people you mention in the above comment are surely not the ones who want to be successful. They are people who want to earn. They may thing that earning riches will make them successful. But then from the point of view of the ultimate success, its nothing about money. So on the Blog post : NO MONEY DOES NOT MEASURE SUCCESS. And those people who believe that it is, are FOOLS. Its the Name and Deed which are connected that determines the success. Being Rich can be one of the Benefits, but its not the cause of Success.
        And Not Philosophical, Being Successful as a Murder is when simply when you kill a person. If the person does not live any more after what you have done to him, then you are actually successful as a murderer. But then Killing so many, and leaving no evidence to find you, and even sending a letter to the authority and even then making it so carefully as to not getting caught was actually a successful thing to do. Not that I am a Psychopath, I have not passed, failed or taken any test on that, but just stating, But comparing it to the success of many others in their respective fields, evading detection after so many murders and a letter was actually a successful act.

      • Karthik S Vailaya

        I think we are stating the same thing with different choice of words 🙂 thanks for the excellent comments 🙂

  • Fong Tien

    Karthik, my thoughts – i agree that in general money appears to be the driver that shows success in the eyes of the populace. With money, people tend to show how successful they are by going on holidays every year, buying a new car every year, buying several houses and selling them for more money, keeping up with the neighbours, buying plastic friends and acquaintances etc all of which you have covered in your notes above, but what money can’t buy is personality, character, love (although some would probably say otherwise), real friendship, the bond between parent and child or sibling to sibling, Money can’t buy happiness (although some would say otherwise), it can’t buy hearts and be the peoples champion, it can’t buy your thoughts and feelings it can’t surpress the will of man to succeed through extreme conditions. Money – the separatist class system of the modern age.

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