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You are what you eat is the famous line for health fanatics now a days and they are right! Your stomach is the internal environment. Just like the environment gets polluted by the waste we feed it, our stomach also suffers with the same problem when we feed it with. Your health reacts according to what you eat and hence, it is very important to know what goes into your tummy. 

“Mostly, we eat what is yummy, but our tummy doesn’t agree with that all the time”. Even Ayurveda tells us the same. ‘A healthy gut, means a healthy body’. The junk food which we usually consume has saturated fats and high contents of sodium which can lead to stroke, obesity, Gastrointestinal problems, and etc. So, it is advisable to eat what is natural and healthy.

Now the question is what is healthy? Any food which is not junk and doesn’t have high content of sugar and fats is considered healthy. It is that simple! We often read articles which have a huge list and long explanations which is often confusing. But, never stop consuming sugar and fats. Intake should be limited and in control. There are good fats like olive oil, soymilk, sesame oil, avocados, coconut oil, etc. which are good for our health. It is a myth that fat-free food is healthy. I need not say further after I mentioned that it is a myth. Eating at home is the best option. Your mom is sure to cook healthy food for you. If you have no option, then find a good source for healthy food.

People often don’t consider intake of food as an important part of their life. This will lead to unhealthy lifestyle and a difficult life for sure. My suggestion will be, eat your vegetables and fruits, avoid junk, soda and high sugar, and consume healthy fats which will help you when you starve because of emergency situations. I hope this dietary pyramid helps.

Diet Food Pyramid


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