The Advent of MMA

mmaAll of us know the meaning of ‘Mixed Martial Arts’. It is an integration of more than one Martial Art. It is usually a composition of Striking and Grappling. A person who has practiced Striking will have to learn Grappling and vice-versa to make himself a complete warrior. That’s right! I used the word ‘warrior’ and not fighter. We are not any common fighters. But that’s another story. Now coming back to MMA, we have read many stories on how it started. But, I have my own theory of how the advent of MMA might have taken place.

In the early life of man, he had to fight for survival and there were no styles back then. Thus he had to fight in every way possible, be it striking or grappling. So, don’t you think MMA was present before we could even think of it as it was a necessity!

As time passed by, people started liking striking more and some of them liked grappling more and hence, they started practicing what they liked. Thus, there was an advent of Styles. Later on they started influencing others through their styles and the tradition followed and we know the rest. Many hundreds of years later, Style artists started to see flaw in their styles and had to learn other styles to fill in the gaping holes of their styles.

This how we got to know about the term MMA. We can easily notice that it is cyclical. So, after long time from now, we may see a day where everyone practices MMA and many years after that, we may see styles again. Of course, the time gap will be huge and we may not be alive to see this happen. We can consider ourselves lucky to be in this period of transition from styles to MMA.

Many may argue that Gene Lebell or Bruce Lee started MMA but, it is in my opinion that it is cyclical and continuous. Again, it is just my opinion and you are entitled to your’s. We can just speculate. It will be great if you could type in your opinions in the comment section for further discussion.


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One response to “The Advent of MMA

  • Fong Tien

    No matter the year, prehistoric/Egyptian/Roman times etc, defending oneself without the knowledge of pre-training in any martial art or pugilistic system by its very nature gives freedom to the one defending as they are not constrained by technique strategy or any facets that come with learning the arts. They are simply behaving, reacting, surviving naturally to what ever may come their way.

    Bruce Lee along with many others saw that somewhere along the line martial arts in his time had quite simply lost its direction and was quite frankly light years away from being natural or practical for survival in a street attack situation. Bruce, like many others, realised that the beauty of the martial arts lay in being able to learn how to defend yourself more efficiently and effectively but being able to unlearn the unnatural elements that prevent you from being free of natural thought and action. One of the many ways the enlightened martial artists set about doing this was to analyse differing methods of martial arts/pugilism, but it must be made clear that it is not humanly possible for one person to learn and study thoroughly all the martial arts of the world as there are thousands upon thousands of variations from country to country.

    All the while there were still many individuals who had no training in the normal sense of martial arts training, more your street fighter training(broken rythmn) but they could despatch formally trained artists with ease. Bruce Lee and others knew this fact and they were wise enough to appreciate the fruitfulness of what they had learned.

    So what then to do with with that new found enlightenment, do they go out and take on all comers (street fighters included) or do they take a risk and push forward and let the world know what they have seen and learned to better improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all martial arts.

    I would like to think that Bruce Lee’s search to better himself and his art influenced the way forward for the martial arts in general including the possibly misconstrued practice of mixed martial arts, the rest is history.

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