The Maximum and the Minimum.

hard work quoteThis concept is pretty simple but, most often overlooked in dojos. Students are told to work harder every time, but this concept is an extension of that. Teaching the students this perspective will change their attitude towards the hard training regimen and they will embrace it with open hands.

The philosophy is simple. Train hard and when an opportunity presents itself to apply the skills learnt, it can be done with minimum effort. Difficulties endured in the dojo will certainly help to overcome the obstacles outside the dojo. In dojo, one will always hear my Sensei say that it’s in the dojo that you experiment and train hard and even get hit many times. More you get hit in the dojo, easier it will be to not get hurt outside the dojo, whether in tournament or in self-defense situation.

This concept can easily be linked to muscle memory. More repetition will make it easier for your brain to remember the pattern and it becomes a habit. You can test you muscle memory easily. You will need a sparring partner to spar with you. While engaged in sparring, if your techniques are executed without much time spent on thinking, then you have good muscle memory, and good muscle memory can be achieved only through rigorous training.

The current Welter weight champ of UFC, Georges St-Pierre said in one of his training videos, that it’s always easier to fight when he has trained harder in the gym. More hours put in the gym will help you to overcome situations in few minutes without causing much harm to yourself.

Backbreaking work in the dojo is the only way to jump over the hurdles with ease. That is the Maximum-Minimum concept.


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