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warm upI know this post should have been written earlier. Nevertheless, here it is. They say “Its better late than never”. Warm up are those basic exercises which may seem unimportant, but trust me, you don’t want to skip it. I am typing this down with experience. A torn ligament(now rehabilitated) while a sparring session, a pulled hamstring while performing a basic split and many more injuries have been endured by me due to my lazy attitude towards warming up. But, it is time to stop this madness and now, it is always warm up before a hard workout.

So, let us get into the depth of warm up exercises through a series of ‘WH’ questions.


  • Before any kind of work out or strenuous work, our muscles are tensed up and will be stiff. We need the warm up exercises to loosen them and make our muscles more flexible and stable.
  • It even helps us to strengthen our muscles.
  • It mentally prepares us for the upcoming activity.
  • Increase the core temperature.
  • Helps in performing difficult moves.
  • Avoid injury and have a long life in martial arts or any sport.
  • Enhanced performance.

(The list, obviously is exhaustive. The benefits are just too great)


As mentioned above, it SHOULD BE PERFORMED before any hard workout or activities where your muscles will be stressed to some extent. No exceptions. No excuses.


Warm up exercises are nothing but basic movements which loosen up our muscles and will help us to break a little sweat. Some exercises are slowly rotating your arms, wrists, ankle, neck, waist etc., stretching the hamstring group, calves, uppers body stretches, and more, and more. It is to be noted that, these exercises are not rigorous. Just slow movements to loosen up. Don’t put in a lot of effort in warm up that you will be too tired to do the next set of exercises.

Remember, Warm up is like a starter. You eat too much of the starter, you won’t have enough space for the main course(main work out routine) and the dessert(cool down).


This question will never bother you when it comes to warm up. It can be done anywhere. That is the beauty of it. No equipment required, no special place required.

P.S : This post has been typed in when my hamstring has been injured(pulled) due to lack of warm up. So, I know the pain. It is a sound advice from me that Warm up is of utmost importance and never over look it.


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