The Best?

What or who exactly can be considered as the best?  Is it really possible for anyone to decide what is the best? Not just the word best, but every word having a  superlative degree is just a statement. This thought came to me when I was having lunch with some friends. More attention directed towards this thought, made me realize that, in school, we are just taught about the superlative degree in theory. But our incurious mind never wandered off to think more on that topic.

So, what exactly is the best? Just a word to describe? Just a belief? Just a compliment? What if when I say that something is the best, but the fact is that I don’t really know about a thing better than that? So does that mean that there can be a thing that is only comparatively better than the other.

When a person is considered a best, there is a possibility that he undergoes a placebo effect, that no one can be better than him. In other words, he stagnates and there is no growth in his life because of this feeling of being addressed by a superlative degree.

Another opinion can be that we ourselves don’t know our capacities to the fullest extent. So when we tell that some person is the best, we may be wrong because he can be better that what is considered to be his best.

Ultimately, we can just say that the word best or any word having superlative degree is just an illusion and cannot be found accurately. We can just compare something with another but are we right in considering it to be the best? What is your opinion?

The word ‘Best’ can only hinder your growth by playing around with your mind. Its like the devil on your shoulder. It will make you forget about the angel on the other shoulder. It is up to you to decide whom do you wanna listen to!


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4 responses to “The Best?

  • khalkinised

    True…let others make the judgement but never believe yourself. That is the way to self improvement. The same could be said for the ‘worst’

  • Fong Tien

    Nice post, i like to think that inside ourselves we set our own standards, standards that determine our own status marker within ourselves, when we achieve our visualised standards the outside world may term you the best if you have been competing or innovating, but inside you, you know you have made another small in-road to setting your next set of standards and defer from acknowledging the subjective nature of being called ‘The Best’ as you are too busy attempting to achieve you more wonderful standards set by ‘You’.

    • Karthik S Vailaya

      True. When we start to believe that we still have a lot more to do than to think that we have already reached the pinnacle, that is when the person really grows. The standards that are set by ourselves are nothing more than barricades. Nicely said. Thank you.

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