Light Speed

Has anyone thought about what you notice while driving at night? It will be the light signals or the reflectors. these will always be the first thing that reaches your eyes for the obvious reason being, light travels the fastest. No wonder these light signals are more effective than a hand signal.

So, one night I am driving and this thought comes to my mind that, can light be used for training in Martial Arts? Not just Martial Arts. Can it be used in any sport to improve our reflex by using light as your training equipment.

In the movie “The Karate Kid”, Mr Han says ” Kung Fu lives in everything we do, Xiao Dre! It lives in how we put on the jacket, how we take off the jacket. It lives in how we treat people! Everything… is Kung Fu.” If everything is Martial Arts, can light be used as well to train?

We should easily have a human dummy which can fitted with some small LED bulbs in such a way that it won’t break when hit. One person can have a remote which controls the bulbs and he can light them up randomly and the other person can hit the lit up area as soon as he sees the light. This should be really useful in improving one’s reflex. Light catches your attention faster than anything because it travels faster than anything. But, I haven’t tested it yet. So, I won’t know if it really works. Only further experiments will tell

If you guys have come across this concept, comment regarding the same and help me by bettering my database.


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