AdversitiesLife is all about understanding your situation and overcoming troubles. When I injured my hamstring, I thought this would diminish my chances at fighting as it would be difficult to kick for some time at least. As most of you know, ‘Kicks’ are important in a fight, especially when your opponent can perform them without trouble.

I have always inclined towards punching because they are faster, easier to execute and not easy to defend. But, when one becomes an advanced practitioner, the Sensei often asks us to try different techniques and not just one. No doubt, he is right. There is no point in being an advanced practitioner if you don’t posses variety in attacks. If you don’t posses variety, then you become predictable. As simple as that.

But, when you try too many things in a fight, you tend to go a bit overboard. There are some techniques that you are comfortable with. Everyone has a favorite technique that they can perform at ease. For me, it has been the counter left punch after blocking the opponent’s kick. But, in the midst of trying out new stuff, my favorite technique took a back seat. I would try many different types of kicks that weren’t as rewarding as my punches because a kick needs to be set up with other attacks to be accurate at a higher level.

Thanks to the hamstring injury, I could not kick well for at least 3 weeks. This is the time when I got back to my favorite technique  and to be honest, it still works even after not practicing it for a while.

Our mind does not help us when we are down. But, we have to find a way to unleash our mind to find a path to get around it.  When one thing doesn’t work for you, find something that does and at the same time try to solve the difficulty. Going back to the basics are the best way to do that.

Adversities are the part and parcel of life. You can either just stop living so as to avoid them or face them and beat it down. The choice is always with you.


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