The Champion and the Challenger stare down. Both have their hands up and look willing to have a go at each other already. Hendricks has a smile on his face while GSP looks like he a has forgotten how to smile.
Will history repeat itself when the Champ meets Big Rigg at UFC 167 is the question everyone has in their mind. From that tragic night when GSP lost to Matt Serra to today, he has grown as a fighter a lot, but on November 16, he will probably face one of his toughest opponents till now.
GSP is one well-rounded fighter who has very small loop holes in his fighting. He always seems to have answers for every different attacks that his opponents can throw at him. But in Hendricks, he faces a completely different fighter. Being a very good wrestler, it will be difficult for the Champ to score on takedowns. Off late Georges has not been able to finish his opponents and has won by scoring through punching accuracy and a high amount takedowns. With the volume of takedowns reduced because of the wrestling background of Big Rigg, GSP will have to rely on his stand up.
While recently Johny has been able to finish most of his opponents with a bomb residing in his left hand, all that is required is one punch that hits the Champ cleanly on the chin and switch off the lights temporarily. When Johny is not busy stuffing the takedowns, finding the target with his hands seems to be the thing that he likes the most. It won’t be surprising to see a takedown by Johny himself with the wrestling credentials he has.
It is a difficult fight to predict, but one would like some change in the Welter weight division. With Johny winning the fight, there will be a rematch for sure and a new stories to be written. We have to hope that both the fighters can put all the ‘Drug Testing Dispute’ aside and give us a great fight. It is even perfect that this fight is on the 20th anniversary and it will be a perfect platform for Hendricks to create history.
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