Most difficult part about training!

karateDifficulties! It is the part and parcel of our lives. But, when it comes to training, they just transform into something very different. Is it easier to find excuses than to keep ourselves motivated? Of course it is. Looks like we humans are engineered to be lazy. So, let us hash out some of the difficulties we face in our training.

5. Lack of time: Well, of course this had to make the list. This is the most sought after excuse. Not an excuse rather. People nowadays rarely have time to do what they love because of careers or other personal issues. Nevertheless, time has become such a rare stuff to be found in our lives.

4. Motivation: Are we motivated enough to train everyday for the rest of our lives? Many would say yes, but, they will have a faint voice inside their heads questioning their ‘yes’. It is easier said than done. Saying that you are motivated and really being motivated are two very different things.

3. Arrogance: There is a very thin line between being arrogant and not being motivated. Who am I kidding? There is a huge line but both are somewhat related. Here, we will find a loud voice inside our head stating that we know enough and there is no  need for rigorous training.

2. Injuries: You really can’t do anything about injuries. It is not an excuse but a genuine reason. I have had numerous injuries and I know the pain of not being able to train because of that. Injuries are nothing but a few steps downwards in your staircase of training. You just have to accept that you possibly can’t do anything about it other than wait patiently for it to heal.

1. Training Partners: Yes! This has been the most  irritating part about my training for the past 3 years. All the senior students have chosen to desert the Dojo because of various reasons and I am left without anyone to train with. It is important to have a training partner for kumite. This is a situation where a punching bag just won’t do. Why? Because, they don’t hit back. I am sure many of us would remember Bruce Lee’s dialogue,’ Boards don’t hit back’. That is the exact problem here. You need a person to hit you back so that you improve on your reflexes as well and work on your defense. Lucky are those who have many training partners. So, my ‘New Year Resolution’ is to get a good training partner as soon as possible by contacting the neighboring dojos, so that I can restart my training.

As a conclusion, I think this quote will be perfect. I don’t know who quoted it, but, it is a good one.

” The harder you train, the easier you fight.”


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