No matter the year – Broken Rythmn is key

Sylvan Clarke

Bruce JKD

No matter the year, prehistoric/Egyptian/Roman times etc, defending oneself without the knowledge of pre-training in any martial art or pugilistic system by its very nature gives freedom to the one defending as they are not constrained by technique strategy or any facets that come with learning the arts. They are simply behaving, reacting, surviving naturally to what ever may come their way.

Bruce Lee along with many others saw that somewhere along the line martial arts in his time had quite simply lost its direction and was quite frankly light years away from being natural or practical for survival in a street attack situation. Bruce, like many others, realised that the beauty of the martial arts lay in being able to learn how to defend yourself more efficiently and effectively but being able to unlearn the unnatural elements that prevent you from being free of natural thought and action. Oneā€¦

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