Knowledge and Practice

yin yangMost of the practitioners know most of the techniques and even the counter attacks and everything required during the fight. But when it comes to actually using that knowledge, most of us find it difficult. And that can be frustrating during a fight. Even I had difficulty to apply my knowledge when it actually mattered.  That is when I came across a quote by none other than Bruce Lee.


“Knowing is not enough, we must Apply”

And these words struck the right cords. That is where I was wrong the whole time. I knew the techniques, knew the possible counter attacks, but could not apply because, to apply one must practice the techniques over and over again till it becomes second nature. That is when the knowledge which we possess becomes a true weapon.  When we are engaged in a sparring session, there is little time to think. A few seconds are more than enough to lose a fight. Hence, we cannot afford to lose these precious seconds. And these precious seconds can be saved by many hours in practice. The techniques should be never thought of during a fight. It should be a free flow of movements which result in attacking or counter-attacking your opponent, and the free flow can be achieved by making these techniques a second nature to us. In a vice-versa situation, we tend to think which technique to use, and that is when we get attacked and we do not have an answer to that. Those few precious seconds where we are thinking, the opponent would have already executed his technique and the result will not be that good for you.

The next quote is helpful as well.

“Willing is not enough, we must do”

When the above quotes combine, they give out a very powerful message. Knowledge, when not applied, is as good as an unread book. Same way, just willing to read it and not actually reading it is not helpful in any way. Planning and willingness to do something is a must. But that willingness has to be converted to actually doing it as well. When you have the knowledge and the willingness to do something, that is just the Yin. And, doing it will be the Yang. Only when you combine the Yin and the Yang, the results start to get better.

So, it is better to get beaten up in the dojo and learn from it than get beat up in a real fight. Practice harder in the dojo so that the fight will be easier.

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