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Anger: Your ally or enemy? Part II

keep calmI had once written about how anger can be bad for a Martial Artist in a fight. You can read it here: 

Well, that was the first part. It covered only one side. I wrote only about how it can be bad for a fighter and it took me nearly two years to realize there is another side to it.  Continue reading


The Empty Hand in the world of Firearm

The Hero pulls out a gun and the Villain does as well. Bam Bam Bam and the Villain is dead and the Hero wins without breaking a sweat. We have seen this in many of the modern movies. So, does that mean that the good old hand to hand combat is dead? Not at all.

So, what is it that still makes people gravitate towards the nearest Martial Arts Club? What makes them so curious about it? What really is the charm of Martial Arts? Continue reading

Interesting training methods

martial art silhouetteImproving in Martial Arts can be done only through regular training. But some times, it can be rather monotonous when there is no dynamism in our training methods. Even scientific studies suggest that having dynamic training methods can improve our performance by leaps and bounds. It is like our muscles get bored with the same old training methods. We need changes in our training regimen.

I have formulated some simple training regimens to make everyone’s  training very interesting. Continue reading

The Outcome

outcome quoteIt is time for another Championship season. We start that extra special training. We try to motivate our dojo mates to work harder and when we get the desired results, we celebrate heartily.  Today’s generation is all about goals. It may be your personal goals of winning a medal or may be to fetch great laurels to your great dojo. Whatever one does, the outcome is very important. But, is it? Continue reading

Knowledge and Practice

yin yangMost of the practitioners know most of the techniques and even the counter attacks and everything required during the fight. But when it comes to actually using that knowledge, most of us find it difficult. And that can be frustrating during a fight. Even I had difficulty to apply my knowledge when it actually mattered.  That is when I came across a quote by none other than Bruce Lee. Continue reading

No matter the year – Broken Rythmn is key

Sylvan Clarke

Bruce JKD

No matter the year, prehistoric/Egyptian/Roman times etc, defending oneself without the knowledge of pre-training in any martial art or pugilistic system by its very nature gives freedom to the one defending as they are not constrained by technique strategy or any facets that come with learning the arts. They are simply behaving, reacting, surviving naturally to what ever may come their way.

Bruce Lee along with many others saw that somewhere along the line martial arts in his time had quite simply lost its direction and was quite frankly light years away from being natural or practical for survival in a street attack situation. Bruce, like many others, realised that the beauty of the martial arts lay in being able to learn how to defend yourself more efficiently and effectively but being able to unlearn the unnatural elements that prevent you from being free of natural thought and action. One…

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Mind: Our Ultimate Strength.

mind-powerMental strength sometimes can be more important than the physical strength. If you think otherwise, ask people who suffer from nervousness.  Being mentally strong is not easy as being physically strong. You can do a bunch of exercises and be physically strong, but mind is more complex than that. Mind is like a room which is a maze where the walls are made of mirrors. It is more incomprehensible whenever you try to understand more. You just see the reflections of what you see in there. But there is always more to it than just the surface that we see. Continue reading

What’s your style?

bruce lee life lessonThis is a common question exchanged between two Martial Artists when they interact. And the most common answers include Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, and Judo and so on. The answer just doesn’t end here. Obviously there are sub styles within the major styles mentioned. Nowadays there are a different species of Martial Artists, namely the Mixed Martial Arts where they mix up some of the arts to create a complete fighting art. Continue reading

Most difficult part about training!

karateDifficulties! It is the part and parcel of our lives. But, when it comes to training, they just transform into something very different. Is it easier to find excuses than to keep ourselves motivated? Of course it is. Looks like we humans are engineered to be lazy. So, let us hash out some of the difficulties we face in our training. Continue reading

Anger: Your ally or enemy?

Some feel anger is good when you are fighting. They feel it gives a fighter, an added advantage over your opponent as it may intimidate him. What I feel is, it may work at a junior level. Being angry against an advanced fighter is something that should be totally avoided. Why? Because, intimidating an advanced practitioner will not be that easy and being angry can turn out to be a liability for you.  Continue reading