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Novels or Movies?

judge a book by it's movieIt has become a trend to create a movie out of a best selling novel. Many movies based on the novels have done well and viewers have appreciated most of them. Why wouldn’t they? The story obviously will be spectacular in most of the cases and people like to know that the story has been adapted from a famous novel. So, what do you choose? Watch the movie or read the novel or both?  Continue reading

The Famous Five Series

famous five on a treasure islandAfter reading my first post in the Novel Section, I hope you have really started the habit of reading. As I have already told about the benefits, let us see some of the books that can be a good read for beginners.

So, from here on, there will be a post dedicated to one book or a series of books and a tip as well. Let us now start with a book that really got me into a reading habit as a kid. It was the Famous Five series written by the famous British novelist Enid Blyton. This is a series which belongs to the adventure genre. But, here the children are the ones who get Continue reading

Getting Started!!!

Even today I remember the first novel read by me around 12 years ago. It was the famous , ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ by ‘Mark Twain’ . Actually, I feel really lucky, because it was a farewell gift when I moved from Gujrat to Mangalore. If not for that book, I would have  been still confined to Comics (not that they are not interesting). Soon I became a member of a local library where I found many books written by “Enid Blyton”. “The Famous Five” Series were a good set of books for that Continue reading