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Warm up

warm upI know this post should have been written earlier. Nevertheless, here it is. They say “Its better late than never”. Warm up are those basic exercises which may seem unimportant, but trust me, you don’t want to skip it. I am typing this down with experience. A torn ligament(now rehabilitated) while a sparring session, a pulled hamstring while performing a basic split and many more injuries have been endured by me due to my lazy attitude towards warming up. But, it is time to stop this madness and now, it is always warm up before a hard workout. Continue reading

The Padmasana

PadmasanaUsually the first of the postures to be taught by a Yoga Guru, Padmasana is one of the basic Asanas but needs a lot of focus to execute. For every Asana, it is important to be relaxed.  Other complex Asanas are taught once you are comfortable with this one. Thus, it is considered as a significant part of the building block of your journey towards excellence in Yoga. Continue reading

Food Habits

You are what you eat is the famous line for health fanatics now a days and they are right! Your stomach is the internal environment. Just like the environment gets polluted by the waste we feed it, our stomach also suffers with the same problem when we feed it with. Your health reacts according to what you eat and hence, it is very important to know what goes into your tummy.  Continue reading

Qi: You use it too..

Chinese ScriptQi; considered as the most important for a human being by the Chinese Martial Arts and Ancient Chinese Medicine can neither be seen, nor measured like Heart rate or Blood Pressure, but, can be felt when practiced the right way.Even Yoga speaks about this concept, but calls it as ‘Prana'(Sanskrit:Life Force). Now you may be wondering(unless you are a practitioner) where this Qi resides in our body. It is said that it resides a little below the Navel. Continue reading

Yoga : For a better existence in this world

Yoga, is undoubtedly gaining fame all over the world as a system for health. Though it is Highly Linked to the Hindu religion, especially where Most of the Supreme Gods are portrayed as doing Yogic Meditation. Yoga does not need religion to practice, and hence any human, and even animals (If they get the concept) are eligible to do yoga. I believe that it is to be utilized for everyone’s benefit.

Continue reading