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Interesting training methods

martial art silhouetteImproving in Martial Arts can be done only through regular training. But some times, it can be rather monotonous when there is no dynamism in our training methods. Even scientific studies suggest that having dynamic training methods can improve our performance by leaps and bounds. It is like our muscles get bored with the same old training methods. We need changes in our training regimen.

I have formulated some simple training regimens to make everyone’s  training very interesting. Continue reading


The Outcome

outcome quoteIt is time for another Championship season. We start that extra special training. We try to motivate our dojo mates to work harder and when we get the desired results, we celebrate heartily.  Today’s generation is all about goals. It may be your personal goals of winning a medal or may be to fetch great laurels to your great dojo. Whatever one does, the outcome is very important. But, is it? Continue reading

What’s your style?

bruce lee life lessonThis is a common question exchanged between two Martial Artists when they interact. And the most common answers include Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, and Judo and so on. The answer just doesn’t end here. Obviously there are sub styles within the major styles mentioned. Nowadays there are a different species of Martial Artists, namely the Mixed Martial Arts where they mix up some of the arts to create a complete fighting art. Continue reading

The Black Belt.

black belt quoteThe day I got my 2nd Dan Black Belt in Budokan Karate can be considered as second most grueling day of my life(the other one was when I got the 1st Dan). Well, for one thing, the grading was conducted in summer and the temperature was close to 40 degree Celsius! And, there was a certain lack of practice as I had some other exams relating to my career at the same time as well! Continue reading

Kata: The Essence of Self Defense.

Karate sidekick with backfist strikeI am sure many of the Martial Arts students were taught Kata(forms) within three or four weeks of joining. But many of us[including me when I joined] usually wonder what use will be a Kata, which is just movements which involve many types of blocks, punches and different kicks. There are around 100 different types of Katas across the various styles of Karate. Continue reading

Martial Arts at an outset

cat stanceWe all have seen movies based on Martial Arts and have been fascinated with all the moves done by the actors. What we really don’t understand is the real concept of performing such move. We[including me] watch the movies and appreciate. A little more effort is required to understand the real purpose.

Learning Martial Arts is not just about practicing and performing impressive moves. The real intention of the art you are practicing is to understand the moves so that you can perform it when you need to save your life! When you learn the Art, it is important that you ask your instructor to explain the concept so that you learn it the right way. Continue reading