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Interesting training methods

martial art silhouetteImproving in Martial Arts can be done only through regular training. But some times, it can be rather monotonous when there is no dynamism in our training methods. Even scientific studies suggest that having dynamic training methods can improve our performance by leaps and bounds. It is like our muscles get bored with the same old training methods. We need changes in our training regimen.

I have formulated some simple training regimens to make everyone’s ┬átraining very interesting. Continue reading

Most difficult part about training!

karateDifficulties! It is the part and parcel of our lives. But, when it comes to training, they just transform into something very different. Is it easier to find excuses than to keep ourselves motivated? Of course it is. Looks like we humans are engineered to be lazy. So, let us hash out some of the difficulties we face in our training. Continue reading

New experiences

ma medThere used to be those good old days when our excitement would surge when we would learn something new as kids. That would be usually followed by a month of constant practice of the same thing over and over again, until we got bored with it or we were taught something new. This excitement served us well to train our muscle memory(though we didn’t know what muscle memory was back then). Our Sensei would also feel the excitement and would be willing to lead us in every possible way. Continue reading