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Mind: Our Ultimate Strength.

mind-powerMental strength sometimes can be more important than the physical strength. If you think otherwise, ask people who suffer from nervousness.  Being mentally strong is not easy as being physically strong. You can do a bunch of exercises and be physically strong, but mind is more complex than that. Mind is like a room which is a maze where the walls are made of mirrors. It is more incomprehensible whenever you try to understand more. You just see the reflections of what you see in there. But there is always more to it than just the surface that we see. Continue reading


Novels or Movies?

judge a book by it's movieIt has become a trend to create a movie out of a best selling novel. Many movies based on the novels have done well and viewers have appreciated most of them. Why wouldn’t they? The story obviously will be spectacular in most of the cases and people like to know that the story has been adapted from a famous novel. So, what do you choose? Watch the movie or read the novel or both?  Continue reading