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Anger: Your ally or enemy? Part II

keep calmI had once written about how anger can be bad for a Martial Artist in a fight. You can read it here: https://artofvailaya.wordpress.com/2013/11/24/anger-your-ally-or-enemy/ 

Well, that was the first part. It covered only one side. I wrote only about how it can be bad for a fighter and it took me nearly two years to realize there is another side to it.  Continue reading


The Advent of MMA

mmaAll of us know the meaning of ‘Mixed Martial Arts’. It is an integration of more than one Martial Art. It is usually a composition of Striking and Grappling. A person who has practiced Striking will have to learn Grappling and vice-versa to make himself a complete warrior. That’s right! I used the word ‘warrior’ and not fighter. We are not any common fighters. But that’s another story. Now coming back to MMA, we have read many stories on how it started. But, I have my own theory of how the advent of MMA might have taken place. Continue reading