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Interesting training methods

martial art silhouetteImproving in Martial Arts can be done only through regular training. But some times, it can be rather monotonous when there is no dynamism in our training methods. Even scientific studies suggest that having dynamic training methods can improve our performance by leaps and bounds. It is like our muscles get bored with the same old training methods. We need changes in our training regimen.

I have formulated some simple training regimens to make everyone’s  training very interesting. Continue reading

What’s your style?

bruce lee life lessonThis is a common question exchanged between two Martial Artists when they interact. And the most common answers include Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, and Judo and so on. The answer just doesn’t end here. Obviously there are sub styles within the major styles mentioned. Nowadays there are a different species of Martial Artists, namely the Mixed Martial Arts where they mix up some of the arts to create a complete fighting art. Continue reading

The Advent of MMA

mmaAll of us know the meaning of ‘Mixed Martial Arts’. It is an integration of more than one Martial Art. It is usually a composition of Striking and Grappling. A person who has practiced Striking will have to learn Grappling and vice-versa to make himself a complete warrior. That’s right! I used the word ‘warrior’ and not fighter. We are not any common fighters. But that’s another story. Now coming back to MMA, we have read many stories on how it started. But, I have my own theory of how the advent of MMA might have taken place. Continue reading